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March 30, 2009 at 1:54 am (Uncategorized) ()

I think I have figured out why I hate blogging so much….it a diary in disguise.  Blogging is essentially sharing your most inner thoughts and feelings and  letting the world see it!!  Ok so perhaps its not quite that personal but it is awfully similar.  Growing up I tried to keep a diary on two occasions.  The first time I went out and bought a cute pink diary with a shiny lock and couldn’t wait to get home to start writing.  When we arrived home I ran to my room to get started.  As soon as I opened the diary, my sister popped her head into my room and nastily said, ” Better not write anything to personal, you know I’m going to find it and share it with everyone!”  I had gotten so far as to write the date on the first entry and I quickly shut the diary and never opened it again.  My second experience was when I was in high school traveling to a dude ranch.  I was given a small journal to keep track of the events and exciting adventures durning my 2 week journey.  After writing in it for a few days I decided to go back and reread what I wrote.  Well, lets just say it was boring, uninspiring, and didn’t make any sense.  From that day on I swore off journals and diaries and stuck with basketball! 

This now brings me today where I have been asked to blog at least 6 times for my masters course.  It hasn’t been an easy process but I’m slowly trudging my way through.  I admire those that blog away and don’t have any issues with it.  I know this isn’t my cup of tea but that’s ok because I can say I learned something about myself….why I have such nasty feelings towards blogging!



  1. melodee681 said,

    Like you I have had difficulties keeping up with blogging but also finding blogs on which to write relevant comments (not only because it is expected).
    I do like the approach you’ve taken thus far of finding out more information and resources and posting them in your blog. That makes it relevant and useful to not only you but also to your audience, who will go off and read the information you found. So, the blog becomes a way to share what you’ve discovered with others.

  2. Ståle Brokvam said,

    I know what you’re saying Joni. On a couple of occasions, I’ve started more personal blogs, about topics I care a lot about in my non-work life. Every time I’ve deleted them again, as I found I was struggling a bit with what you’re describing here.

    I have no problems writing more professional blogs, though, and technology is for me a fairly ‘safe’ topic I guess. Of course, there’s a difference between writing a general post with my opinions about the use of powerpoint with students and a more personal post laying out my worries about my own teaching practice, reflecting on mistakes and what I feel I can learn from them, etc.

    I really do think it can be a valuable practice for growing as a teacher, but in most cases, I think the value is fairly proportional to the number/quality of the connections you form with other teacher bloggers by reading and commenting on their posts.

  3. oomensm said,

    Nice to hear a dissenting voice once in a while, Joni. I have to admit it really took me a while to get going and it really still seems a bit weird.

    It has helped me gather my own thoughts and even the concept of having someone else read them has made me a bit more careful, but I am also a tried and failed diarist.

    Olly won’t go near a blog. She thinks you’d have to be full of yourself to think other people would care about what you like for breakfast.

    Having said that – she loves her facebook!

  4. koppm said,

    Great point. I’ve felt the same thing about facebook – it seems like a lot of personal information to be throwing out there for everyone to see. Perhaps more of us should be as wary of posting personal information? Or maybe were all going to live in a world where the definition of privacy (and its value) ends up changing?

  5. pekina said,

    Your comments resonate with me also Joni. Your honesty and willingness to self disclose is what made your last post successful! 5 comments already!! I feel I am the first rung of the blogging ladder and reading blogs of others that are on a rung way up high on one of those extendable ladders used to fight fires! Writing does not come easily to me ( I would rather exercise!) and so I read eloquent posts of others and feel I have so little to contribute in both terms of content and style! Melodee makes a good point in that it can serve as a way to share with others what you haved discovered, even if that means limiting the number of personal posts and just adding great links to other people’s posts and various sites!

  6. grabows said,

    You crack me up!!! I totally feel your pain but for me its not about other people reading it, for me its because I HATE to write. I always have so much to say but getting it out on paper (er um, computer screen) in a way other people understand has always been difficult for me. I don’t even understand my own writing when I go back and read past things!! I don’t see myself becoming a prolific blogger anytime soon…..

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