April 20, 2009 at 1:33 am (Uncategorized)

My main goal was to become comfortable navigating through a blog, wiki, and social networks.  I think that I have definitely learned why each of them are important as well as how to use them.  I have become less stressed when it comes to writing in my blog and find using a wiki isnt too difficult.  Having a blog has helped me find many more resources for teaching.  I am constantly looking at others blogs and reading what others have to say.  I really have warmed to the idea of blogs but only to read for now.  Perhaps down the line I will become more comfortable and confident to write my own.  For now, I am happy just reading!  One thing that I need to continue to develop is how these tools can be used to support special education students.

I enjoyed making the podcast and think students would really like doing that as well, especially those who hate to write!  The screencast was easy and manageable and I think its great to show colleagues and students “how to” do things without having to repeat yourself hundreds of times.  I thought the Pechua Kucha was also a great idea and had fun creating the presentation (even though I hate speaking in front of colleagues).  I think using it in the classroom can be extremely beneficial for students by keeping them interested longer.  It worked for me!! 

Personally and professionally, I love the RSS feed.  Every morning when I come to work I check my netvibes page for updates on all the sites I am linked too.  Before, I used to spend so much time going to each site checking for new things! 

Final thought:
I thought I would never say this but I am slowly being convinced to start twittering/tweetering (??)!  Adam seems to really enjoy it and has found many great sites.  I continuously hear about it on TV and am slowly succumbing to the idea.  For now, I am going to stay strong and just say NO!  Lets see how long that lasts for….


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